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Fruit Collectibles is a custom plugin introduced in 2020 which allows you to store special items for safekeeping between map resets. The Fruit Collectibles act as a virtual trophy case that you can use to look back on special items from past resets, sort them into custom categories, and show them off in chat.

Please note: Once an item is added to Fruit Collectibles, it can't be taken back out again.

Addiction information: /fc does not work on skyblock, please use //fruitcollectibles and //fruitcollectibles (command).


Fruit Collectibles Commands
Commands Description
/fc Opens up the Fruit Collectibles interface
/fc additem Adds the item held in your hand to your Fruit Collectibles collection
/fc addcategory <itemtype> <name> Creates a category to sort your items into
/fc deletecategory <name> Deletes any category you wish and moves the items inside back into the main interface

Creating & Editing Categories

FS Example Category

An example category created with formatting codes

Creating a Fruit Collectibles category is done through a single command, and is fully customisable to your preferences. You can create multiple categories and move items into and out of them as you see fit.

Command: /fc addcategory <itemtype> <name>

  • <itemtype>: The Minecraft ID of any item, used as the category's thumbnail. (e.g. cake, diamond_sword, golden_apple)
  • <name>: A name for your category, can also include formatting codes. (e.g. H1's Cakes, &c&lWeapons)

Example: /fc addcategory firework_rocket &b&lEvent &6&lTrophies

To rename a pre-existing category, open it within the /fc menu and click on the button in the bottom right titled Rename Category. You will then be prompted with a command to type in chat, which is used similarly to the command used for creating a category: /fc rename <name>.

Categories can also be deleted with /fc deletecategory <name>, and any items in the category will be moved back into the uncategorised items section.

Adding & Moving Items

You can add any item into Fruit Collectibles, simply by holding the item you want to add in your hand and typing /fc additem in chat. (Again, please be advised that any item added cannot be retrieved back into your inventory)

An item will by default be placed into the bottom (uncategorised) section of the /fc main menu, and right-clicking on any category will open a menu where you can move an uncategorised item into that category.

To remove an item from a category and place it back into the uncategorised section, open a category and select the Remove Items option. This will open a menu for you to select any of the items in that category and move them out, ready to be placed into a different category.